Container Gardening Is A Great Option For Apartments

If you have ever lived in an apartment then you know how useful CONTAINER GARDENING can be for you. This is because when you live in an apartment you do not have any yard space whatsoever to plant a regular garden.  Your only option is to use containers to plant your vegetables or flowers.  This is no problem since container gardening is actually quite easy and lots of fun as well. Why you need to do is find a container that you will have enough room for in your apartment you will preferably want to be able to place it in front of a window that gets lots of natural lighting to ensure that your plants will grow properly. Once you pick out a container, preferably one that is plastic, then you will have to buy enough potting soil to fill it most of the way up. If there are no holes in the bottom of the container then you might want to consider drilling some into it to allow for drainage. Don’t forget that if you do this you need to find some sort of a tray to place underneath in order to collect extra water that drains out.

After you have prepared your new container you will need to pick out some plants for it. It is probably a good idea to stick to flowers or vegetables that only produce things like tomatoes or chili peppers since they are both small and attractive in color. Another great option is to plant an herb garden in your container because it will provide you with wonderful smells and great cooking aids all year round.  You can either use seeds or already grown plants in your container garden because that option is completely up to you.  One advantage to using plants that have already started growing is that you will not have to wait for the seeds to germinate and sprout. That means you will have your plants much quicker.  Be sure to water your plants according to the instructions on the labeling and also give them as much light as possible. If you have a back patio then you might want to consider putting your container garden out there so they get fresh air and additional sunlight to help them grow. Regardless of what you plant or where you put it you will most likely end up with a beautiful container garden that will flourish all year round.

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