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Welcome to, your online resource for everything related to containers!  Are you a business looking for bulk shipping containers, storage containers, or other containers for your business needs? Or are you a homeowner who is looking for storage containers for organizing the home? From huge containers that are used to transport goods from one spot to another to small containers that are used to store your leftovers, you’ve come to the right spot for information on containers and links to purchasing containers that meet your needs.  We are happy to provide you with comprehensive information about containers of all types – and links to finding the best deals on containers!

Container Materials

The majority of containers on today’s market are made from plastic.  Most container stores carry a variety of containers for the home and business, including shipping containers and storage containers. The most common plastic containers you will find when shopping a container store include:

PETE containers.  The PETE container is usually used as a food container or beverage container.  Products that are packaged in a PETE container include bottled soda, bottled water, cooking oils, and other types of food.  PETE stands for polyethylene terephthalate.

-          HDPE containers. This type of container is usually used for cleaning products or milk.  HDPE stands for high density polyethylene.
-          PVC.  You will find PVC used in a wide array of different containers, including soft plastic containers, water bottles, and more.  PVC is an acronym for polyvinyl chloride.
-          LDP.  LDP stands for low density polyethylene.  It is used mainly for creating food storage containers.

When choosing containers, keep these materials in mind, especially if you are looking for a “green” or eco-friendly choice!  These types of plastic containers, no matter the size, are recyclable!  This means that using these containers lessens your carbon footprint and is healthier for the planet from an environmental standpoint.  Plastic containers are also less expensive than other types of containers, and generally durable and long-lasting.
Browse different container options now and find information related to containers, the use of containers, how containers are made, what containers are used for – and more!

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